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Just in case any of you were wondering how that whole “Giraffe reproduction thing” pans out…..

10 June 2014

Howdy Blog followers,

I'm not going to pass much comment here - the ice may still be a little thin from the maintenance blog and there is really no need for us to sail quite so close to the wind.

None the less, this is a spectacle worth sharing.

We found the pair, statuesque in front of Lamai private camp.

A hesitant young male and an infinately patient female.

We stopped the car at a respectful distance and decided to wait it out.

The intended target that afternoon was leopard we had heard calling in the area but this seemed like blog fodder to good to miss and a camp manager must learn patience.

ONE HOUR LATER!! Still no sucess.

There was a gentle repetative thud as my head hit the steering wheel of our land cruiser and Jana's exhalations were sounding, uncharacteristicly, like sighs.

It was frustrating for us, what a nightmare for the Giraffe!

And then......

If the coupling was a complete success then in fourteen to fifteen months we will have a new arrival in the neighbourhood.

The baby will suckle for up to a year by which time he/she will already be ten feet tall!!

We'll keep you posted.

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