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Just Lion around!

18 February 2017

The Selous has greened up over the past few weeks and there is life all around. We have clients on the river and others on a game drive around the lakes, so this is the perfect time for us to do a cheeky game drive. We head into the Miombo woodland and it doesn't take long for us to spot these Lions. We park the car and make a coffee and spend the next few hours photographing them. The perfect start to the day.

(Due to the heat in the Selous, males dont grow large manes. Infact, some dont grow any at all).

(Mum hanging out with one of her cubs)

(as a mother of two, you have to get some shut eye any chance you get)

(They were comfortable with me getting out and photographing them from under the car).

Cant wait to see these littel ones again soon!

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