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Katavi Kuku Project Takes Flight

05 August 2019

Over in the West we have started a chicken project for women and families in need of a home based income-generating-activity that is simple and self running. We have been working with Rita and Jeff from the Guardian Project on this one, and have adopted their 'pay it forward' model to reach even more people, as beneficiaries donate chickens onto other families when they start prodcuing chicks.

We are very egg-cited about this project (sorry just couldnt help ourselves).

The beneficiary families receive the chickens

The beneficiaries took part in a poultry husbandry workshop to help equip them with the knowledge to run their household chicken units effectively and efficiently.

Volunteers from our LCMO partners helping the beneficiaries administer the first round of vacinations for the chickens.

Thanks to our Chada camp team and LCMO partners, and Rita and Jeff, for helping make this all possible.

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