Katavi lion kills

06 October 2010

By Philip Pendaeli - Guide, Chada Katavi

Katavi is the park which has only one rainy season from Nov-April which makes the plains flood and rivers run for a while and make the animals happy.

From Sept-Nov (just before rain) things go differently. Due to drought there are no running rivers or any water in the plains. Animals congregate by the water holes supplying easy daily meals to predators as we found close to the Katisunga water hole (also known as Chem Chem) when we went out in the morning for a game drive. We found a pride of lion, 6 of them, and they killed two old buffalo bulls, one right next to the other. The buffaloes were facing in different directions as if they were sitting there before.

Everyone in the car was excited to see that very rare sighting in the bush. Myself, I have seen a lot of lion kills, but this one was very special.

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