Conservation & environment

Katavi Student Trip

23 October 2020

Last month, through our Watoto Go Wild program, we supported student safari trips own in Katavi. This was arranged with the help of our partners LCMO, who pooled together 8 students from each of their five secondary environmental clubs from schools around. The chosen students were group winners of LCMO’s recent Lions and Elephant art competition. The competition theme was “species conservation and education messages” with group winners also having the chance to present their drawings to their fellow winners from other schools at the Katavi National Park (KNP) dining hall after lunch during a park visit.

During presentations other members got opportunity to ask different questions concerning lion and elephant behavior and ecology.

The safari trip was a big hit and the students saw many varieties of wildlife species including lions, elephants, hippos, warthogs, buffalos, impalas and toppi – not bad for a day’s game drive. Throughout they were also engaged in wildlife education, learning about animal characteristics, behavior and ecology.

Thanks LCMO for helping arrange this.

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