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Katumbi: Teachers House

12 April 2013

I got to go and see the site of the new teachers house whilst I was in Mahale, it is at the top of the hill above the school. A beautiful site, I am willing to move there! The village had collected all the bricks, as well as sand and taken it up to the site so that as soon as the other material arrive from Kigoma they can start building the house. As a direct result of this generous donation from Nigel Palmer two more teachers have been allocated to the school. They now have 6 teachers for 720 students!
Whilst Greystoke is closed for the rains, Hassani my Nomad Trust rep from Greystoke will be overseeing the building of the house. Hassani is currently in Kigoma buying all the supplies, and fingers crossed the house will be ready by June.
Thank you Nigel!

I always love visiting Katumbi School and spending time with the kids there, it is truly a very special place. To finish off here are some pictures of the kids from the school.

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