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Katumbi’s Teachers house

26 July 2013

It was great to see the progress that has been made on the teachers house at Katumbi. The house has 4 main rooms, a little central courtyard and then three rooms at the back for a loo, shower and kitchen.

The village has nominated people to over see the building and it was brilliant to see that all three of them where there keeping a close eye on the project. The main rooms are all almost completed and are being plastered at the moment.

When the house is finished 2 teachers will share it. Having 2 extra teachers will make a huge difference to the school which currently has 750 kids and 5 teachers!
The frame for the roof is up, and the doors and iron for the roof are all in the village store ready to go up.

The hole for the septic tank is dug, but the loo and piping has not been installed yet.

Like most building projects, the house has unfortunately run slightly over budget, so Nomad Trust is currently fundraising for the remaining $850 short fall so that the house can be finished.

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