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Keeping Tanzania Safe

17 March 2020

As a company we take the safety of our staff as our utmost priority and we’re so very proud of our Nomad family for how they’ve reacted to the coronavirus crisis.

Never before have we seen such a coming together and we’re all working together to make sure the ship continues to sail, and that our team is safe. Our Arusha teams began working from home this morning, and as our last few guests leave the country, our camps are closed and our brilliant camp teams will be having a well-deserved rest with their families, after a very busy season.

Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) is also taking steps to ensure Tanzanians are protected and released this statement this morning:

As we all know, the tourism and hospitality industry is most vulnerable and prone to the effects of the current global pandemic, owing to its nature of the operation and global chain of interdependence. In this view, as we are awaiting Government guidance, we wish to update you on the following;

1. Forthcoming stakeholders meeting: In order to abide by rules of avoiding public gatherings as much as possible, plans are underway to conduct the meeting online if technology allows us. You will be updated soon on this development.

2. Government Statement: TATO Executive Secretary held a brief online meeting with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Prof Adolf Mkenda and agreed on the importance of the urgent Government statement in the English language for the tourism industry consumption.

3. You are strongly encouraged to work from home and advise your staff to do so whenever possible.

4. Do meetings online especially those, which do not need physical presence such as Senior Management Team meetings

5. Be a source of courage, advice staff and community to take precautionary measures and do not forward the messages, which instils fear and panic.

6. We remain at your disposal and feel free to contact us or use members WhatsApp groups in case you have anything important we should advise and act immediately.

We stand in full support of our Tanzanian tourism community and are proud of our team and wider industry for their resilience and determination to overcome this challenge.

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