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Kili Crew in Camp

25 January 2021

Kilimanjaro Animal CREW came to stay at Serengeti Safari Camp this week.

Kilimanjaro Animal Center for Rescue, Education & Wildlife (or short: Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W.) is located on Makoa-Farm at the Southern Slope of Mt. Kilimanjaro. They run an animal rescue centre. Over the past 12 years they have been involved in the care, rehabilitation and housing of orphaned, injured, neglected, abused and abandoned wild animals.

We are thrilled that they were able to get some down time with the Nomad team in Ndutu after all the restless days and nights they put in caring from animals, many of who are rescued from these wild plains.

To learn more about what they do, take a look at their website.

Or if you would like to support them, do visit their fundraising page.

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