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Kopelion walking the walk

20 February 2020

Latest news from KopeLion over in Ngorongoro.

Images of Masek Pride lioness " Nengotonye" or otherwise known as "Babs" moving her 3 cubs in Ndutu.

There are three new males that have arrived in Ndutu and this could be the reason that she was moving them.

To protect them from infanticide. 5 year old Babs is quite a large lioness and takes after her heavy-weight mother, Nosikitok.

Her size, whisker spots and notches on her left ear are how we identify her. Babs also has a broken/worn bottom left canine.

Lots of "lion gossip" happening in Ndutu.

It will be interesting to see what unfolds with the arrival of the new males.

Resident males Lemunge & co have been observed crossing over into the Serengeti a few days ago.

Photos by: Bobby-Jo Photography / KopeLion

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