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Ladies Day out

03 September 2019

Last week we had a day with only a couple of guests in camp.

After such a brilliant and busy season it was time to thank some of the staff in camp for all their hard work and why not start with Ladies first. So, the girls and I left camp at 6am and headed off to the natural hot springs. We had a wonderful time there, swimming and enjoying and popped open a bottle of bubbly to cool us down from the heated pools.

What a lovely surprise, when we walked back to the jeep, to see Babu Francis (who has been at Sand Rivers for 25 years, in fact actually helped build the camp with his own two hands) had set up a table with a full breakfast of fresh coffee, homemade juice, fruit, muesli and the most delicious egg, bacon, feta and caramelized onion wraps - ' a guests' favourite! What a treat. On the way back to camp, we spotted some elephants, giraffe, lions and warthog and all this before getting back to camp by 11.00 to meet our new arrivals!

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