Conservation & environment

Lamai Cheetah

01 October 2016

We are fortunate enough to have a few of these beautiful creatures in the Lamai area. This year due to an exceptionally high concentration of game around camp we have seen them often. It’s nice to know their home ranges fall within our surrounds. Usually we have to drive to the Lamai Wedge (on the Kenyan border) to find them, which is quite a long drive, worth it though as it’s a beautiful area. I am not sure how the Lamai Pride are going to react to this intrusion into their territory; let’s hope it’s amicable.

Guests are always wide eyed with excitement after a game drive having seen cheetah, their presence demands respect – built for speed: enlarged liver, lungs, heart and nostrils; flexible spine and shoulders; excellent eyes sight and strong back legs. Reaching speeds up to 100km per hour with 9m strides and 4 strides per second. Successful hunters, second only to wild dog; unfortunately though they tend to lose their kills to other predators.

Threatened and critically endangered in parts of Africa, so enjoy them when you see them.

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