Lamai Serengeti - as seen by ‘The Urban Nomad’

03 April 2011

Lauren Scott - Nomad's PR in New York

Well what can you say about Lamai. What an incredible, incredible spot this is. My first trip to the Serengeti and I may have already found my favorite part of it. While I am counting down the days to the grand opening on June 27th with mounting impatience and excitement, I think everyone else is happy to let the date arrive in good time.

We flew in from Ndutu and, despite somewhat drizzly weather and huge rainclouds, it was hard not to marvel at the amazing view and just how quickly this place is taking shape. The excitement on the ground is palpable, the progress is steady and the whole site looking more and more impressive every day - with bemused elephant and baboon onlookers supervising progress from a little distance.

I was treated to a grand tour with the whole team, checking out every room, the mess, the private camp, the pool, secret spots in the kopje...a proper day of exploration and discovery.

Seeing a site through the eyes of the team behind the vision is a real and rare treat - with John talking us through the layout of each room and Jo bringing the interiors ideas to life with her mood boards and real art for helping you imagine a 5 star bedroom in what is currently a timber framework.

Each room is so totally unique with a totally different view across the landscape, you can see immediately that it will be hard to stay here just once.

There is something magical about to happen in the Serengeti and the fact that Nomad have been entrusted as guardians of this location is something of which the whole team can be very proud. Watch this space!

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