Lamai updates - March 2011

07 March 2011

Lamai Serengeti is progressing in leaps and bounds now, it's easy to see the changes as the camp starts to rise out of the rocks: sides on, roofs going up, day by day it grows.

And it's quiet up there, so so quiet. Whilst the safari masses cluster around the southern grass plains, as well they might - a million or so wildebeest can't be ignored - every day our site crew, and John Corse who flies up at least once a week, are treated to a plains game spectacular; animals are everywhere! That and the cats who are maintaining 'their spot' on the kopje. The balloons rising silently over the Mara every morning are the only other companions and we're loving it!!

Main Camp mess

Main Camp Room 5 coming along nicely, with 'fundis' from HQ and the site crew

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