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Lamai’s “Seven Breadly Sins”

16 November 2014

The kitchen is the engine room of a lodge and we have a fantastic team of chefs - they work hard and they are always smiling.

This week Jana challenged Yassin to bake a bread a day for the next blog and the results are outstanding.

The creativity that flows out of this little bush kitchen amazes me every day - here's a taste of what I'm talking about.

The man himself - posing with Monday's creation.

Monday: The Black Rhino - in honour of the recent sightings in the sand river area.

Tuesday: The Puff Adder - just fantastic!!

Wednesday: The African Elephant - we've seen herds of over 100 around Lamai this past week.

Thursday: The Scorpion - impressive!

Friday: The Marsh Terrapin - Love the detail on the Carapace using different seeds to colour the shell.

Saturday: The Tick - hmmmmm interesting subject matter, not one of the cute and cuddlies but hey - it was a challenge!

Saturday: The Baobab Tree - this is Africa!!

Sunday: The Millipede - really amazing!!

We had to get in there quick to snap these little creations - it doesn't take long to reduce a freshly baked masterpiece (even the tick!!) to crumbs on a bread board.

With thanks to Yassin, Pendaeli, Jacob, Sylvester, Marco and Ezikiel - you've been fantastic this season and we're incredibly proud of all you achieve at Lamai!!

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