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Latest Watoto Go Wild at Lamai

05 March 2020

Twelve students and two teachers from Merenga Primary school were treated to a Nomad safari and time in camp, seeing the wildlife up close in a very positive way, an entirely new experience for many of them.

They enjoyed a morning game drive on their way in to Lamai Serengeti. Followed by lunch and drinks in our Lamai Private camp.

With Anafi and Ibrahim leading the group, they were kept busy with wildlife lessons and information on the environment and Serengeti ecosystem.

No Watoto Go Wild Nomad safari is complete without a quick stop at the airstrip and for the students to have a chance to see some planes up close, and even go inside and explore a small aircraft.

Again another first for them all.

The whole camp team enjoyed their visit and we hope to see most students through our doors before the end of the season.

Thanks Lamai!

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