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Launching the Katavi Summer Internships with LCMO

03 September 2019

We know that the engagement of the local communities in conservation requires their daily consultations, which again requires commitment of professionals to lead and learn from them. While LCMO feels eased of Charles Ndandala’s new chapter, we are at the same time excited to introduce three young conservationists who have joined us at LCMO to share and apply their practical and theoretical experience and bring forth their passion as well as learn in regard to wildlife conservation practices and program operations for lasting conservation and human–wildlife coexistence.

Neema, Gilya and Prisca joined LCMO for this years round of internships, with the aim of developing and promoting conservation careers among young conservationists in Tanzania. They will be graet ambassadors going forward to join our conservation efforts to tackle major issues: human-wildlife conflicts, climate change impacts, and poaching & habitat loss, all of which exacebate the migration and loss of species, ultimatly leading to the extinction of species.

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