Let there be harmony

29 March 2010

by Jackson Shirima, Guide - Chada Katavi

The squeeze for space and opportunity between man and beast can sometimes cause negative behaviour between each other. Elephants, considering their sheer bulk and strength, command respect. They sometimes go as far as chasing game drive vehicles.

There is one family of elephants that were, until recently, spending time around Chada Katavi. The matriach was pregnant and was very fierce and we would give her a very wide berth. Shortly before giving birth, the family disappeared and then came back with a young calf. We were all instantly aware of her, but this time the matriarch was very unconcerned by the humans living at Chada Katavi. The whole herd were very relaxed, often taking naps during the day, lying on the ground paying little attention.

We are always aware of the animals sharing our space out here, and we learn to treat them accordingly. It is better when both parties live without having to worry about each other.

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