Serengeti Safari Camp

Lions lions everywhere….

23 March 2011

Monday morning, this week, we watched the first of the migratory herds arriving back into the Ndutu area after several days of heavy rain. They had started to go north-west towards Moru and Maswa, as the southern grass plains were drying up. Now, with all this rain and the area greeing up nicely, they are heading back. By Tuesday morning the plains were filling up: lots of wildebeest and zebra and plenty of cats.

We spent a good hour with a small pride, a beautiful dark-maned lion and his three lionesses; fat and happy after a recent wildebeest kill. The next morning, Nomad guide Jacob, out even earlier than us, saw three cheetah take down an adult wildebeest. By the time we got there, the cheetah were sprawled in the mud (had been very rainy Monday night) next to the kill. Fantastic to see the southern grass plains teeming with activity.

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