Local kids visit the Chimpanzee’s

22 March 2011

The last guests of the 2010/11 season left Mahale after a Magic 3 days and there was only one more Chimpanzee trek left for Lazaro and the team to organize.

An important part of conservation in Africa is to educate the kids who live near National Parks about the benefits that these protected areas can bring to their communities. Almost all of Greystoke Mahale’s staff is employed from the local villages and the future of the Mahale National Park and Greystoke lies in the hands of these kids growing up around the park. That’s why it’s important to bring the kids from the local schools into the park to show them what we are all about.

12 kids all over the age of 11 were selected from the school and brought into the Park by our boat for an exciting adventure to see the Chimpanzee’s. During an early lunch Lazaro explained the rules of the Park and answered the kid’s questions. The children watched the Chimpanzees feeding, grooming and even displaying. When they got back to the lodge everyone wanted to stay the night but unfortunately we had already packed up the Banda’s and we didn’t want 12 anxious mums worrying at home.

I wish I could have trekked to see Chimpanzee’s when I was at school!

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