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Looking back on a fantastic season

14 November 2016

Once again it's time to draw the green curtains on the magic that is Katavi and let the progressively storymy skies flood new life into the parched lands which the masses have not yet found.

We close this season with an award ceremony that pays its dues to the best of the season.

Best sighting

Has to go the fabulous duo below for giving us three days of spot-filled theater near camp. The youngster was nervous of us at first but by the third day we were best of friends……. and the antics above our head had everyone transfixed.

Best Battle

This was undoubtedly won by these two heavyweights who where battling over water. The Hippo was not backing down in his thirsty pursuit until an earsplitting trumpet and an enraged charge from the elephant sent the hippo on a disgruntled but hasty retreat.

Worst sighting/call

Whilst on a walking safari with myself and guests very excited about the buffalo herd I had spotted in the distance. We got on the right side of the wind and sun and on closer inspection we found them to be a heard/pod of over 50 hippos in the middle of the floodplain obviously set free from the muddy pools by the recent rain. Will not live that down. Still it was still a spectacular sight.

Best place to spend a night in Katavi

This without doubt goes to the fly-camp on the edge of the vast Katisunga plain under the stars with various wild visitors coming by.

Worst place to spend a night

This goes to the Kapapa river due to arriving to the rescue of a broken down game drive vehicle, after getting the guests to swap cars we stayed on to fix the vehicle……haha that did not happen but what did was an hours' worth of heavy rain. We arrived back in camp at 03:00 am loving life.

Best sundowner spot

Eastern edge of the Chada plain, no arguments there.

Best Expression

Goes to this little vervet who was watching his mother getting amorous with the dominant blue-balled male in camp. Poor little fellow may need counselling.

Best touching moment

Goes to this loving pair who showed a touching moment of clear and undeniable affection and love.

Best staff member and all round best human being

Goes to Alfred (aka Nungu Nungu) for just being the glue that holds Chada together; his happy ways and extensive knowledge make him a clear winner.

Chada Katavi is one of those places that gets in your soul and fills your senses with adventure, excitement, understanding and a sense of old that is hard to find in todays' safari realm.

We can’t wait to get back next season and explore this isolated park and discover all its enchanted hidden secrets.

By Jeff Trollip, Camp Manager Chada Katavi

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