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Looking Forward To Seeing Y’all

22 June 2017

Season is upon us and the wildebeests are on their way – as are you. We’ve spent the last few weeks getting the lodge ready and the Lamai Family is very excited to welcome you to our small part of the Serengeti – paradise.

We’ve been driving around making sure all our usual suspects/resident animals are about. Great news is that everyone seems fit and healthy: Nature our resident Leopard is still king of the hill (he is the largest male leopard I have ever seen); his lady friends are also about and they have a few little cubs, although we have not seen them we know they are there as the female is lactating; the Lamai Pride – 20 or so strong – look fat and healthy with some new cubs, who are causing all sorts of mischief; and the hyenas are content in their den behind the Kopje, laughing the nights away as they wrestle for territory with the Lamai Pride.

The Lamai area has had some late and plentiful rain, it’s lush and green with flowers, grasses and trees in full bloom. We love sitting on the ‘Rock’ (the highest point on the Kopje) just a short walk from camp, while sipping G&Ts and watching the sun go down. The best part is that our resident troop of baboons do the same thing every day, on the rock adjacent to ours but without drinks. We had some trouble with them last season as they were stealing cushions from the pool and outside furniture in front of the rooms, which I am sure they are sitting on somewhere nearby….

Seems everyone – birds, bees, animals and Lamai staff are waiting just for you, so pack your bags and get on that plane. We can’t wait to meet all of you so that we can share the wonders of the Serengeti. I took some candid pictures while walking around the lodge today and have added them for your enjoyment, please check out the rest of our website and Facebook page for more fun and excitement.

Safe Travels

The Lamai Team

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