Life long learning & growth

Maasai Guide Graduates

14 August 2020

Our Nomad folk are given every opportunity to learn on the job: senior guides mentoring juniors, skill sharing and rotating between departments, professional development and training outside camps...

We're also immensely lucky to have wonderful guests who help our people go even further. Over the last 12 months, two sets of guests have sponsored a couple of trainee guides through a top guiding school in Arusha.

Just the other day, the the final trainee guide in the group graduated – well done Saitoti. And Kisika completed his professional driving course, passing first time which is pretty unheard of – excellent work!

We couldn't be prouder or more grateful for the support - and, of course, excited to have Kisika and Saitoti back in camp where they can show off their new skills.

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