Mahale Award Ceremony

18 August 2011

Kiri and I have just had the pleasure of hosting another wonderful group of guests. Last night we sat overlooking Lake Tanganyika and had a mini award ceremony while enjoying cocktails.

Couples awards:

Spike and Cathy – Chillaxation award in recognition of your superior abilities to relax under the most difficult circumstances.

Donna and Frank – The Lion award for slaying a tsetse fly through Donna’s pants.

Ruth and Les – Tsetse fly award for most heroic encounter with the Tsetse fly’s and diverting them away from the rest of the group.

Quinten and Toni – Stinky hippo award.

Betty and David – Birds and the bee’s award, enough said here.

The most memorable moments on Safari were:

The massive flock of Pink Flamingos that blotted out the sky as they flew over the vehicles.

Orion (Chimpanzee) charging past everyone on the path and flinging himself from tree to tree.

The big herd of Elephants that rushed through the river and past the vehicles in the Serengeti.

The Hammer Kop and Kingfisher sitting on the back of a Katavi hippo.

The Wildebeest crossing a river during the migration.

Honorable mentions:

Les is awarded the “Dung ho” medal for his encyclopedic knowledge of animal dung (we can also call this the King of Kak or the Pharaoh of poo).

David gets the white roll award for the most toilet stops in the Serengeti.

Order of the Blue spotted Lampril goes to Betty for believing that this is actually an African bird.

Finally the most prestigious award – Alpha male was not awarded to Quinten or Les as expected but went to the true Alpha male …. Pimu.

We hope to see everyone back in Tanzania soon.

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