Conservation & environment


26 June 2018

... WATOTO BOMBA EEEEEH BOMBA, WAGENI BOMBA EEEEH BOMBA! With this song we ended another great day with pupils from Katumbi here in camp. Sponsored by our Nomad Trust, we were able to welcome 30 pupils. After an early breakfast we left for a forest walk, our guides sharing their immense knowledge about plants, indigenous trees, birds and other animals that crossed our way. The children were eager to learn and understand more about the environment.

And they surprised us with their knowledge too. They knew quite a few plants and their healing power, being taught by their grandparents. What surprised us most is they knew the answer why within the National Park there is a lot more rain than in the village just a few kilometers up north the lake. In fact this is because of the large number of indigenous trees in the park, creating a micro climate that due to deforestation cannot be found outside the park bounderies. Impressive to hear it from a 9 year old, isn't it? On our way we crossed path with Juliette, the last warthog on this side of the mountains. She wasn't bothered by our company at all and the kids were happy to offer her some company.

Back in camp we showed the kids around and our team was proud to explain them about their jobs… especially those whose sons and daughters were amongst the pupils. The kids had a lot of questions and were excited to try everything out.

It became really exciting when the kayaks were discovered. In an instant they were out in the water, circling between our boats in front of the camp, starting races… and believe me these guys know how to paddle!

It was a very exciting day and in the end, everybody was tired but everyone in camp and I am sure the kids in the village as well went to sleep with a smile and some great memories. MAHALE BOMBA EEEEH BOMBA!

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