Mahale Chimpanzee leadership update.

21 November 2011

Depending on whom you ask there are still two contenders for the Alpha male position within the Mahale community of Chimpanzee’s. More than one and half months have passed since the murder of Pimu the former Alpha male and it seems that Alofu and Primus are still vying for the leadership.

The Japanese researchers are pretty sure that Primus is in charge due to the submissive posture that Alofu adopts around him. However, Alofu is a political individual and has the support and friendship of more big male Chimps. He also seems to be in the middle of the community and often leads the way while Primus is more often than not seen on his own slightly separate to the main group.

Yesterday our trackers witnessed Alofu beating Primus which doesn’t sound like he is being submissive at all! Today I watched as Alofu casually sat below the feeding community watching life go on around him, he was very cool, calm and collected, we could hear Primus calling not far off.

Alofu gazing into the tree's watching the community feeding on Saba Florida fruit.

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