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Making solar bottle lights

02 May 2013

p>Based on a project called a Litre of light-we decided to try it out in Piaya with the Maasai community that I work with there. Making the "lights" looked easy from a video but it proved to be a bit tougher! Using corrugated iron, which we cut into 10" by 10" squares we then had to make a circular hole in the middle to fit the bottles through.

After a bit of trial and error, and lots of leaking bottles we settled on using old rubber Tyre inners to wrap around the bottle before inserting it into the hole in the iron and sealing it with a roofing sealant. We then filled the bottles with purified water and about 10ml of bleach, and used a silicon sealant around the bottle top.
These were then ready to be inserted into a roof of a local manyatta (maasai mud house).

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