Life long learning & growth

Mama Yusufu

16 November 2022

After 15 years of working with this wonderful lady, we are quite convinced that you would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated or harder working tailor in Tanzania.

Mama Yusufu started working with Nomad doing little jobs and basic tailoring tasks helping kit out some of our camps with pretty furnishings. Based from the back of her house, and using the traditional sewing machine she bought herself some years before, Mama Yusufu tells us how proud she is of the transformation she has seen in her work during her time with Nomad. From basic mosquito nets and bed sheets, with support from our Nomad interiors team, Mama Yusufu learnt new techniques and designs and now produces beautiful creations, from cushion covers and curtains, to elaborate bed nets.

Beyond her sewing skills, Mama Yusufu was able to save much of what she earned from Nomad business, and invest in her children’s education, supporting them all the way to tertiary education. But she didn’t stop there, Mama Yusufu also manged to build her own house with her savings and now no longer has to worry about rent at the end of each month.

When she is not busying herself with the latest Nomad order, Mama Yusufu spends her time teaching other women in her neighbourhood tailoring skills, giving them the chance to also set up their own little businesses. Spreading the benefits of our Nomad partnership with her even further, Mama Yusufu is an integral part of our Nomad team and her community.

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