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Meet Brandy and Coke

11 September 2015

These two rather small ungulates are Klipspringers - locals in and around camp. Klipspringer in Afrikaans literally translates into rock jumper. Appropriate as they literally jump around on rocks, a unique ability due to anatomical adaptations (skeletal and hoof) which allows them to walk/jump on the tips of their hooves; they are so agile that the usual predators, lion and leopard are not a threat. The thick hair on their coats stands on end, giving them a rock like speckled look (camouflage) and protects them from accidental bumps and scrapes against the rocks which they call home. Another interesting adaptation is that they do not have to drink since the succulents they consume provide them with all the water they need. Klipspringers are romantics at heart and pairs mate for life, always close together keeping a watchful eye over each other.

We have named these two Brandy and Coke, inspired by a very popular South African drink – Klipdrift (brandy) and coke. We often see these two lovers at our sundowner spot on of the Lamai kopje as we sip gin and tonics and take in the beautiful Serengeti.

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