Kiba Point

Meet the new face of the Selous

19 September 2010

The last few days Ive had the pleasure of touring the Selous with Jo, a photographer helping Nomad launch its new website, and her assistant, Noemie. Inevitably, this has put a bit of a strain on my modelling acumen, not to mention my physical attributes, but Jo hasnt complained too much about my fashion senselessness so it will hopefully turn out just fine. Im pretty sure that when youre looking for me in the pictures, Ill generally be the big blurry blob in the foreground of the stunning shot of sunset from Lizzies hill or the dawn light breaking over the rooms at Kiba Point.

The first evening Jo arrived, I escorted her around the camp, and she demanded that I be her model the whole time. I must say that it was rather hard work. That evening I had to swim in the pool, drink a beer, and watch the sunset. Can you imagine doing all of that? I practically crawled to dinner I was so worn out.

I shouldnt really complain, as Noemie has it far worse. She has to model for three weeks as she accompanies Jo to all of Nomad's camps and she appears in so many photos with her gorgeous blond hair that Jo has resorted to masking it with an absolutely criminal black wig. As tough as taking a swim and drinking beer can be, I have to hand it to Noemie for even donning said wig while taking a dip in the hottest of the natural hot springs.

UPDATE: Apparently my fashion senselessness is an issue as Jo gave me an early peek at the photos and I effectively ruined a wonderful photograph of me and Peter, one of the Sand Rivers guides, watching elephants at the garden by wearing a brightly colored shirt.

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