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Meet Zuberi

20 July 2017

Our pioneering scholarship student, Zuberi, is one of five children in his family, and the only one to have made it to secondary school. Just one year away from finishing high school and getting closer to accomplishing his dream of becoming a doctor, Zuberi is a role model to his whole village and could be the first doctor to come from Katumbi.

It has not been an easy journey for Zuberi and his family.Their mother passed away many years ago, and their father had a stroke that left him unable to care for himself. His oldest brother stepped up and took care of Zuberi and his siblings, working as a casual labourer in the village to make ends meet.

Zuberi, a very determined student in primary school, was one of only five students from his primary school to have gone onto secondary school. He slowly saw the demands of rural life pull his classmates out of the classroom one by one, until it was just Zuberi and one other student left. Not wanting to suffer the same fate, he wrote to our Greystoke camp manager at the time, asking to be sponsored to finish his schooling. We couldn't help but be won over by his humble personality and desire to continue his education.

Watch this space, this young man doesn’t seen to be letting anything get in his way, and we predict great things ahead.

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