Men of the night

11 July 2011

We’d like to introduce a few of the “stars” of Lamai Serengeti. Meet Senet and Toroge – both Masaai and true people of this area. These very capable and – along with 4 other night guards – they look after our lodge and the surrounds at night.

When all the guests have safely returned to their rooms, our night guards start their day. And what a shift! These heroes share the camp with the nocturnal mammals such as lion, hyena, leopard and everything else that wanders through.

Exciting morning stories are plentiful when they tell us about their nightly encounters; their stories get more enthusiastic with each telling. On the first morning, they kept record of what they’d seen and heard: they saw lion down on the plain in front of camp, stopping to sniff the air and call – we wondered if the guests heard the thrilling sound as well.

So here are our ‘ears and eyes’ at Lamai Serengeti. They really make our day, or is that night!!

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