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Menstrual Health in Mugumu

08 March 2021

A first of its kind for us, we joined up with a very special group who deal with central issues that disrupt children’s education and keep many from completing school. For girls, this is mental health, menstrual health hygiene and understanding their menstrual cycles, reproductive health, and children’s rights.

We helped the group of specialist Menstrual Health Management trainers reach some of the more remote communities we support around the Serengeti National Park boundary.

In these areas girls face challenges from all angles for gaining a good education, from threats of FGM and early child marriage, to time consuming household duties expected of girls in remote rural settings.

Schools in these areas have poor to none menstrual health management education. To help address this, Nomad sponsored reusable sanitary pads, and arranged for the essential education that goes with them.

We managed to reach 188 girls with the knowledge and resources to help manage their menstrual cycles and other core issues, and ultimately promote less disrupted education for them in school.

Huge thanks to EPN - Elle Peut Naidim, who conducted these trainings.

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