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Merenge Clinic-Lamai

08 January 2013

Whilst I was visiting Lamai at the end of last year I went to visit Merenge Village, where three Nomad employees come from. I had a lovely day with the Wakuria people, and I spent the day with Joseph, the village chairman, and Jackson Chacha, the village councillor. I had not realised that this is such a big tobacco growing area, with tobacco companies providing seed and fertiliser to the farmers.
I was very impressed with the initiative that saw in the village. Nomad Trust would like to start helping the village with some greatly needed support, at the top of their list was finishing the new clinic building. The current clinic, is tiny and jam packed full of people as it services about 10,000 villagers from the surrounding area. It currently has two nurses, and a doctor. They provide a widwife service as well as a vaccination program. In 2010 the government provided labour and hammers for a new clinic to be built with the local villagers providing bricks. Unfortunately since 2010 they have recieved no further help to complete the building which is half done.

Completion of the clinic would mean a huge amount to the villagers and health care workers, providing them with much needed space, as well as an inpatient facility. To contribute to this worthwhile project please contact me: Nomad [email protected]

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