Merry Christmas to all our friends and families!!

24 December 2012

What a fantastic year this has been at Lamai in the Northern Serengeti.. from new lion and cheetah cubs and brand new hyrax babies and dwarf mongoose all being born on our doorsteps, five sub-adult lions playing tricks and building a playground right under our windows, exhilarating sightings of 2,000 and more wildebeest crossing the hurdles and challenges of the Mara River and then trudging across the Serengeti plains and through the rocky outcrops to continue their journeys south... this year has almost definitely been the most exciting yet!

Herewith just a few photos to recap the adventures we have had this year.

The wildebeest have left now but this doesn't mean the area is quiet.. on the contrary in fact.. it seems that with the wildebeest out of the way, the other animals are able to be the stars of the show and there are so many animals to see. The buffalo, zebra and even topi herds seem to have doubled in size during the last few weeks. The baby boom has definitely hit this part of Africa and all the animals, big and small seem to have little replicas of themselves following closely behind!!

The landscape is a beautiful emerald green with dainty white ink flowers scattered gently across the plains.

It is definitely my favorite time in this area, so fresh and vibrant that one seems to forget about the vicious and traumatic sightings which were experienced in the same area a couple of months ago.

We are full house over Christmas and New Year and very much looking forward to celebrating with all those who are with us.

To those of you who have visited us in 2012, it has been very special sharing these exciting moments with you. We hope you visit us again soon and to those of you who are visiting us in 2013, we look forward to showing off our Eden to you.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year!

From all of us at Lamai, both great and small, both two and four-legged.. have a great festive season!

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