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Migration In Full Swing

01 August 2017

The migration is full swing over here and the drama and action is a daily occurrence. Our guests are thrilled, bright eyed with wonder every time they return from their game drives.

The energy in camp is electric with everyone sitting around the fire in the evenings sharing stories about the day’s events. The Lamai Pride is in heaven, there is food everywhere and our Kopje is the perfect vantage point to spot unsuspecting prey. Lions in and around camp, hunting, chilling and getting frisky has also added to the milieu; and for some, a little more than thrilling. All part of the adventure at Lamai and this is one of the best times of the year to visit.

This year La Nina has shaken things up a bit - early rains and sporadic showers in the ‘dry’ season - which has of course confused the pea brained wildebeests – poor things, they are not sure which way to turn as they usually follow the rains in a clockwise semi-consistent pattern during their annual migration through the Mara Serengeti ecosystem. A month ago, they were headed North, walking past camp towards Kenya. A couple of weeks later they turned around and came right back, and now they are headed North again…. What fun!! Great for us as there has been a consistent ‘sea of black beests’ in and around camp.

Included are some fabulous pictures of a couple of river crossings, kindly shared by two of our guests, Van Genechten & Liesbeth Janssens – thank you so much for sharing!!

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