Mirror, mirror on the wall…

04 July 2012

Everybody knows the popular sentence of this enticing fairy tale. It was the first that came to our mind when we accidently witnessed this chimpanzee (Michio) looking into the mirror. I have to say he took mirror watching to a new level…

As a big group of chimpanzees came rather unexpected through camp, hair clipping of our head chef was abruptly halted when Michio saw the mirror. Walking towards it he screamed when he saw himself – doubting who it was. As he came closer he inspected the mirror, pulled faces and kissed the mirror.

Puzzled as he still was, he put his left arm around the wall straight into the chefs room and felt behind the mirror to see if any chimpanzee was present.

Lucky we were to have our camera on us!!

Another few looks in the mirror and Michio decided to do a more thorough inspection on the other side of the chefs room. Basically pulling apart the wall and sticking half his body through (!), he inspected another time. He then looked puzzled again, walked away for a couple of meters – and although not on picture – he carefully checked underneath the building to see if any chimpanzee feet were present!!

Absolutely one of the best and most hilarious moments we had with these great apes !

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