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More Plastics Clinic Cases

05 October 2020

We have had a busy week trying to arrange for 21 children to travel across the country from some of the most remote corners, to receive first-time treatment or follow-up care with the Plaster House in Arusha.
This is one of our most successful Nomad Health Outreach Programs, and we are glad we can still support children in need even during this tricky time.

In total just this month we helped a whopping 6 children from Katavi; 4 from Kigoma; 10 from Serengeti; and even one from Ruaha, who all made it up to be seen by the specialist doctor who was in Tanzania for just over a week performing life changing surgeries.

A mix of cleft lip & palette patients, clubfeet, mass removals, and a couple of burn scar cases. We will follow these children as they continue with their treatment and journey to recovery.

Grateful to the Plaster House for their continued care for children with correctable disabilities. Asante Sana!

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