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Move over, wildebeest! The wild dogs are in town.

08 January 2015

Amid much excitement yesterday morning, we received two messages from Nomad guides in the southern Serengeti eco-system reporting wild dog sightings. These extraordinary and threatened animals are always such a treat to see and last season our guests enjoyed frequent sightings around Kuro Tarangire, so we're delighted to be still viewing them near our Serengeti and Loliondo mobiles. Here are a few photos to tantalise you:

These pics are of a pack of 9 dogs on a kill in Ndutu, not far from our Serengeti Safari Camp, sent in yesterday by Nomad guide, Kennedy John.

And these images were taken on the plains of Loliondo by Nduara Loliond manager/guide Sammy Turoto. These dogs are being monitored by the Tanzanian wildlife authorities which is why one wears a collar.

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