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Moving Mountains

07 February 2019

Last week we put two nurses from The Plaster House in Arusha, on a plane all the way down to Greystoke Mahale, and then on a boat over to Katumbi village. This trip was key to raise awareness on the work The Plaster House are doing, and identify children with correctable disabilities to receive life changing operations.

It was a massive success, and the team identified 21 children who will benefit from care at The Plaster House through their upcoming plastics clinic in March, specialising in burns, cleft lips and pallets, and unusual swellings, as well as cases of club feet that can be treated year round.

Since the trip last week, we have already flown up 6 children and their parents to start treatment with The Plaster House.

Others identified are also on standby and will be getting ready to board planes over the next few weeks. We hope all their surgeries are a success, and that these children make a full recovery, and will be back home walking tall and with smiles on their faces before long.

This 3 day outreach program was based in Katumbi village but open for people from other villages nearby to come and see the nurses. During the trip nurse Tumaini and Esupat screened lots of children. From all corners of Mahale, children came with parents, guardians and even grandparents, who had hear about this opportunity in the weeks running up to this Nomad - Plaster House outreach trip.

Although the Plaster House focus on child disabilities, some people from the community came to seek help and advise, and despite being a little over the age limit, they were still welcomed to put their names down and listen to all the advise and recommendations the nurses Tumaini and Esupat had for the options available to them, how they can treat their condition, and live a normal life without the worry and shame they struggle with on a daily basis.

This lady pictured above never leaves home without her 'Kanga' to hide a part of her face that has a disfigurement. She hopes that she will be able to walk around her village one day without having to worry about covering her face, and we hope we can make that a reality very soon.

Of course we couldn't really let Tumaini and Esupat come all this way and not go chimp trekking. This was the perfect end and perfect way to say a big Nomad thank you to these two wonderful nurses and the Plaster House for their ongoing support of our communities and children.

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