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My Kingdom for a Horse

09 January 2017

2017 has come! Happy New Year to you all! And what a start of the year over here, my friends. As you may know our current Alpha male is Primus, his reign started in 2011 after the violent murder of the previous Alpha, Pimu. Alofu, one of the most well-loved chimpanzees, is ranked number 2. Unfortunately we haven't had news of him and his mother Wakusi since early June. Orion is currently ranked number 3. The last few months we felt Orion gaining trust and around Christmas time, one day, our guests and the guides witnessed almost a "Coup d'Etat"! Primus being chased by the males and some females. Lots of screaming, action, Primus protecting himself high in the trees while the insurrection was taking place.


We thought the time had come, a change of King! But it seems that our chimpanzees do believe in Christmas peace as well. Things settled down. Grooming took place again. But tension is in the air, and when Primus appears you can feel the others on the edge. Primus did not abdicate, Primus did not call "my kingdom for a horse" just yet.

Primus Let us see how it goes. Life in the Jungle carries on. The Python, the shadow of the leopard, and Santa Claus are the eyes of those events deep in the forest...

But maybe, just maybe, we're gonna have the "Return of a Prince"! Maybe, deep in the forest Alofu is preparing his glorious return...!... To be follow my friends...!

Alofu (Photo taken by our former manager Cameron Raffan)

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