My new life in Chada Katavi

31 May 2010

By Gabriel L Mushi, Guide - Chada Katavi

I have spent two years working in Greystoke Mahale in Mahale Mountain National Park as a guide. Mahale national park is famous for its primates, especially the Chimpanzees, the world longest lake, Lake Tanganyika with its wide species of fishes.

Now I am moving to another Nomad camp, Chada Katavi. The camp is in the southern circuit of Tanzania, in the Rukwa region. On 15th of May we travelled to Katavi National Park by road, and it took as three days to make it to the park. When we get to the park I was so amazed with wealth of wildlife that abound in this park, from carnivores, ungulates, birds, reptiles, and insect life and plants. From arrival we have done some game drives and we have seen, two prides of lions, leopard, spotted hyena, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, hippopotamus, Nile crocodile and lots of birds, and what amazed me most is the fact that some animals like elephants, giraffe, civets, visit the camp very often.

For me working in Mahale where I have done a lot of walking treks to see chimpanzees and other forest primates it was breathe taking taking to see all these. Well what can I say! The park is a hidden paradise, and I consider myself lucky to be moved here, and I am looking forward for so much more.

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