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Mystical Katavi

26 November 2018

It has been 2 years i havent been back to Katavi, should I say my "loving secret" Katavi. Such a special place, feeling wild, by yourself, having an all park for yourself, what a priviledge! The end of the month of October is actually a key moment, the first rains are on its way allowing our muddy hippos for some hope. I forgot how tough it is to be a hippo in Katavi.

Even our lions are waiting for a refreshing hair wash. Meanwhile they hang around along the Katuma River, stalking possible prey, but giving a moment of play time with those three cubs.

The Chada Pride future kings...

The special sighting of a Roan Antelope in the Katisunga Valley.

A stealthy appearance of a blue-headed Agama lizard.

The Woodland Kingfishers are always back at the end of October, Katavi being their breeding site. Their typical call, as the Black Cuckoo and the Sulphur-breasted Bush-shrikes resonate up all over the new green park. Very special moment for birders like me.

I cannot finish this blog without posting this photo which represents to me the all secret spirit of Katavi. Our loving 'Dogo' princess of Katavi climbing up the mystical tree of this region, the Sterculia Quinqueloba. Beautiful Katavi thank you for reminding me of this Hatari movie feeling of a wild Africa!

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