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New Beginnings

15 December 2017

We welcome a new couple to the shores of Mahale, and look forward to a whole new chapter of adventures with Fabio and Barbara. Here is a little from the new Greystoke camp managers.

"A new life... I don’t believe in magic and yet there is something so special about this place that makes you think again. In 2014 we travelled to Greystoke Mahale for the first time and our lives changed. Since then we have been coming back year after year, and this time we are here to stay. For the last three weeks we have been busy finding our feet on this white sandy beach we now call home on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, and settling into our new roles as camp managers.

It is good manners when moving into a new place to greet your neighbours, and that is just what we did. We started at the top and paid our respects to Primus the alpha male, we then popped over to see the baby vervet, and finished with the youngsters who have grown considerably since our last visit. We have found a new family with this fantastic team in camp and we are already building friendships with all the resident creatures around.

We are so excited to share our adventures with you all and create new memories with everyone who comes to visit us and get a taste of the Mahale magic.

Barbara & Fabio, Greystoke Mahale

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