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New Blood

26 October 2013

The start of this month has been really interesting with the guides getting back one morning to say that the Alpha male (Primus) had been beaten up really badly. Unfortunately they couldn't say if he was removed from his position. A few days later after he had recovered Primus had resumed his position.

The young bloods continued their challenges to the top ranking males and the guests then saw some amazing behavior going on while up in the mountains.

Michio has been the main young blood that has been challenging Alufu with Orion and Christmas. Michio has been challenging Alufu a lot by charging around. Alufu, Alina, Bonobo (with the broken arm) Kulunde and Fanana all sat in a tight group observing Michio's going-ons. Eventually Fanana had enough and asked Alufu to sort out this naughty boy and so all 4 males suddenly got up and charged Michio and Alufu caught him and gave him a good hiding for 5 minutes after which Michio ran off.

Continuing on, the guides found Darwin who is number 3 in the ranking and a gentle male. He has been hanging out with Christmas who is not well at the moment and has flu like symptoms and a cough.

Now Darwin was seen after being beaten up badly but he has since healed and recovered well. When we first saw him he was really in a bad way with his finger, ear and face bitten and his foot bitten badly. Unfortunately we aren't too sure who was responsible for this but I have a feeling that it was Michio after the way he has been acting as it looks like he is trying to rise to a higher rank than what he actually is.

So, stay tuned for more exciting stories of the M community.

This will be my last blog for this season. We would like to welcome Kerrie and Jeff to the Greystoke team and they will continue the stories for all of you.


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