New to Chada Katavi

14 June 2010

By Frederick Kissenga, Guide - Chada Katavi

My name is Frederick James Kissenga, and I would like to explain about my first days I have already spent in Katavi National Park.

Honestly, I really love the place very much. It is so peaceful and tranquil. The rich variety of species, and the great beauty of them stir the imagination. I saw so many various birds like the tiny little bee-eater, fork tailed drongos, saddle billed stork, vultures and the fascinating pied kingfishers.

Luckily, I have already felt that holidaymakers can make the most of it here, because it doesnt get so crowded. I am really looking forward to discover all the wonders that await me in Katavi. Let us have a wonderful stay!

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