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Nighttime Life

26 July 2018

My morning pleasure in that beautiful early light is checking what the nighttime camera caught! And I have to say, almost every single night you have a are some of the highlights of the season so far.

On this upper photo I present to you Catherine the Civet. Always around, and each time checking to see if the camera is actually working.

Bruno the hippo...Brunooooo! Here is our best buddy, Bruno. Well guys, true story, you know how the male hippo splatter his "excrement" as a territorial mark, well, my manager wall home is only 1,2 meter high, and my bed is on the other side, and well, I will spare you the details...

Lukaku the leopard...How majestic he is.

Spike The Porcupine, with his best buddy...Spike! Spike is always around and one night the camera snapped two of them. We're pretty sure that the family burrow must be not far from camp...

Henriette the hyena.

Gynette the Genet.

Jocelyne the bushbaby. Love you my girl!

Yes mate, Big Brother is watching you!!!

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