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Nomad Photography Internship Launches in Katavi

22 January 2019

We are so excited to launch our new Nomad Tanzania photography internship. You can read more about the program as a whole here.

We began the program with a comprehensive introduction and training about camera equipment.

The intern, Dulla Fardy, was given a crash course in photography equipment and its uses, as well as how to properly care for and clean the equipment. Photography basics were then taught, such as the uses and functions of the triangle (ISO, aperture, and shutter speed). Additionally, photographic conventions and rules (e.g. ‘the rule of thirds’) were conveyed and impressed upon the intern. After learning the basic components of taking photographs in manual mode (i.e. manually adjusting ISO, aperture, and shutter speed), we headed out to the field to practice wildlife photography. Katavi National Park provided a plethora of challenging subjects to capture their dynamic movements in well-exposed photos. Every day we did at least one game drive to hone our photographic skills, each day building on the lessons from the previous day.

When we weren’t in the field taking wildlife photos, we were around the camp capturing its grounds on film. Here we also taught the subtly of macro photography, using a lens specifically made to capture close-up detail photos. Bringing a new perspective to the world, Dulla discovered details he had never paid notice to before. Additionally, we taught how to capture long exposure shots during the night and the art of light painting.

Another crucial feature of photography is the post-production phase. We taught Dulla how to sort, edit and develop his photographs in Adobe Lightroom for their final touches. Developing techniques were taught using the RAW photographs such as exposure, temperature, clarity etc. Dulla was already exposed to post-production prior to the internship so he was a quick learn on how to work with the new software Lightroom. On the whole, it was a very successful and rewarding experience had by all. Dulla stated ‘it was more than I experience of a lifetime’. Hans and Vanessa whole-heartedly agree! We look forward to training more interns in the art of photography. [cid:20DB379F-2463-4AF8-AF85-451A6335470A][cid:DB6743D9-0667-4CA9-BECB-D0A48342C8E1][cid:5CCA1D52-66B8-479F-A682-9DDB7C4489C4][cid:4D3D828D-92F6-4204-ACDB-A39A3EB541E1]

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