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Nomad tourism Trainees

24 March 2022

Experience goes a long way in the safari world, and we know just how much the chance of a traineeship in a leading safari company means.

Every year we select around ten deserving and determined young Tanzanians and give them the opportunity to learn from our three-month trainee program. Based in one of our Nomad camps, learning first-hand from the camp crew who have decades of years between them, and camp managers who help guide and mentor them during their time in camp, the trainee program develops skills and practical experience from housekeeping, to cooks and waiters, and even aspiring rangers and guides.

Martha and Vicky are a special pair of girls who joined our trainee program this season. They are both from an charity organisation outside of Arusha that focuses on giving girls from challenging and disadvantaged backgrounds the chance at further education. Vicky and Martha were among the top in their class, studying hospitality management. Now in Lamai Serengeti they are gaining invaluable skills and experience, and are both are meeting the new challenge head on.

One of our most recent success stories is Reginald. Reginald impressed us immensely during his traineeship, and although we couldn’t offer him a position straight after, he stayed on for a second season as a trainee waiter in Lamai. And this season we were delighted to be able to give him a full-term position as a waiter and he has now started in Sand Rivers Selous. Reginald is a great new asset. He has unlimited enthusiasm and has been longing to work for Nomad for two years now, holding out on us finding a position for him. We are so happy he is now part of our waiting team and we think he will go far.

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