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Old Friends and New

23 July 2014

Since returning to Sand Rivers Selous in May we have spent many days scanning the waters for our little friend with no ears and one eye.

With an odd chance I spotted this little hippo with very similar facial features up in Lake Segezi which is a fair way away from his home here in front of the lodge. Could it really be that funfilled ugly little hippo, with this being the only picture I managed to snap we were somewhat doubtful.

With the mighty Rufiji in full flow we were somewhat doubtful our friend would ever return to us. Each day the river dropped and a group of Hippo moved closer and closer. Scanning every day for that recognizable face and feisty demeanour. Yet nothing could be seen among the many hippo that made their new home on the bend of the river right in front of us.

Then while enjoying lunch from the deck, a commotion in front of the lodge gained my attention...Hippo were tussling and up popped a familiar shape. Immediately recognising the figure of a bald head, Binoculars were pointed in the right directions, there it was, our favourite little hippo had returned. It had been 2 months of searching every hippo that came passed. As usual the little one was full of muster and having a great time at the peril of adults. Seeming to torment only fully grown hippo's but also pretending to be one, as seen lying among the big four.

On another note a whole batch of new born hippo have also joined the 'house hippo,' here mum shows her new born what a Pied Wagtail is before shooing off a crocodile that really wasn't much of a threat.

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